Sump Pump Alarm & Protector – Monitors Your Pump Energy (HP) and Cuts Off when Dry Run, Overload or Stuck "On" Float Switch Detected – Works w/out Water Level Sensors as In/Outdoor IP64 WiFi Plug

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What is PumpFuse?

PumpFuse is a power monitor and pump protection device that works with all types of well pumps, sump pumps and utility pumps with no need for water level sensors.

  • LESS WORRY & MORE FUN – Monitor your pump from anywhere in the house via WiFi smartphone app – no need to rush to the basement to check on it
  • SAVE ON ELECTRIC BILL – Why Is Your Sump Pump Endlessly Running? – Get the WiFi sump pump alarm and prevent the pump burnout when the float switch is stuck in “On” position or pump is obstructed
  • KEEP YOUR BASEMENT DRY – Get push notification alerts if there is a power outage or pump failure
  • DETECT & PREVENT COSTLY PUMP DAMAGE – The pump protector extends your sump pump life by sensing unusual load on the pump motor and stopping the pump before an expensive breakdown happens
  • RELAX, NO SETUP REQUIRED – It is simple to install without requiring any external water level sensors. The PumpFuse device auto-calibrates on the first run
  • SECURE, RELIABLE & FAST – the device works on local network only and because of it is fast and reliable. No need to share private information with cloud services. While remote monitoring is limited to your home network you can still receive Push notifications regardless of the network your smart phone is connected to even if you are away from home

User manual

Download PumpFuse manual

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Connecting Your PumpFuse device

How it works

PumpFuse monitors small variations in your pump’s power usage and notifies you when it goes over or under the preset thresholds. Issues such as a faulty float switch can lead to your pump running constantly and the pump's built-in thermal protector can make it cycle on and off repeatedly. PumpFuse adds to your existing setup and can therefore prevent the on/off thermal cycling, alerting you about the need to perform preventative maintenance such as replacing a float switch or pump cleaning to address scale or inlet clogging with dirt.


Detects loss of load

  • Dry running
  • Defective float switch
  • Pump air-locked

Detects overloads

  • Jammed or damaged impeller
  • Check valve stuck, closed, or installed incorrectly
  • Discharge pipe blocked
  • Bad bearings

The mobile app

The PumpFuse mobile app works as a true sump pump wifi monitor, detecting failure by measuring the energy being used by the pump and sending you malfunction alerts.

You also get extra dry run pump protection with the remote reset function.


  • Helps prevent basement flooding by protecting sump and utility pumps from burning out
  • Works without probes or water sensors to detect pump dry-running and overload conditions
  • Sends alerts to the smartphone app when failure is detected
  • Detects failure by measuring energy consumed by the pump
  • The PumpFuse wifi-connected app shows the pump load (in Watts) and failures
  • See the last few runs on Usage list
  • Has configurable restart and trip delays
  • Reset can be configured to be automatic or manual (with a button on the device or remotely with the smartphone app)
  • Water resistant


Name Value
Manufacturer VisitBasis Tech, LLC
Part Number PF20220331
Item Weight 280g
Product Dimensions 100 x 68 x 50 mm
Power Source AC
Voltage 110-250V
Max load 15A, 1HP max
Sealing IP64 - dust and water spray protection
Temperature 14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C)

Buy PumpFuse on Amazon Now!